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At RTD, we challenge inaccurate, unverifiable and misleading negative items on your credit report directly with the creditors and credit bureaus. This includes repossessions, charge- offs, bankruptcies, judgments and more!!!  We use our specialized and highly effective technique, leveraging your right to legally repair your bad credit! All of our services are fast and efficient! In as little as 60 days or less YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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Know that you are in expert hands when it comes to this service. We are experienced in helping clients regain their financial footing, meaning we understand exactly how the credit system works. When it comes to inquires, they can hinder you from getting approved for cars, loans and etc.. Don't let inquiries stop you from getting the better things in LIFE!

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You can relax knowing the dedicated team at RTD Credit Repair is working for a better financial future for you. We have the skills and expertise to make sure no options are overlooked. Process takes up to 60 days. Accounts include Repos, Collections, Bankruptcies Student Loans and much more!!

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The expert staff at RTD Credit Repair will help you with all your questions and queries about this service. While we can’t promise results overnight, we can promise we will work tirelessly for you. Process takes up to 60 days. Accounts include Repos, Collections, Bankruptcies Student Loans and much more!!

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When you buy a seasoned tradeline, you are added as an authorized user to establish credit accounts. The combination of credit limit, age and low utilization history will begin to report on your credit reports. This can increase your current credit score by 20 to 100 points!! If you have limited accounts or you maxed out previous credit cards, adding seasoned tradelines will help you out significantly.

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RTD,  our clients are on track to enjoy greater choices which can include the ability to qualify for new Homes loans, lines of credit, and Car loans that will give them the edge they need for success and finacial freedom. After our credit repair and building process is complete and excellent personal credit is achieved, many of our clients opt to continue using our services to monitor their credit and live Peaceful and Stress free.

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